May 2, 2024 - Economy

"Survivor" begs for Applebee's

A person in a red shirt and blue buff wipes tears away underneath her glasses

Survivor contestant Liz wipes tears away after she wasn't selected to enjoy an Applebee's meal following a reward challenge. Photo: CBS

One "Survivor" contestant's rabid hunger is Applebee's good fortune.

State of play: A hangry Liz Wilcox erupted with rage during Wednesday night's episode after fellow contestant Q Burdette did not invite her to an Applebee's meal as a reward for winning a challenge.

  • "I'm pissed!" Liz screamed in a viral rant that "Survivor" fans are calling one of the most iconic moments in the show's 46 seasons.

Zoom in: Liz couldn't eat much on the island due to severe allergies, so she was super hungry.

  • She also desperately wanted to go for sentimental reasons: She regularly dines at Applebee's with her daughter.

Q refused to bring her because, he said, it wasn't good for his strategy.

💭 Nathan's thought bubble: This moment was exceptional product placement for the Dine Brands-owned restaurant chain, which enjoyed several minutes of airtime where someone literally begged to eat there.


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