Apr 26, 2024 - Economy

🤳 Stripe brings back crypto payments

An image of a tweet with a video demo of a new payment product.

Screenshot: @collision (social media)

Crypto payments are coming back to Stripe soon.

Why it matters: The European payments giant has had positive things to say over the years about cryptocurrency as a way to pay for things, but it nixed its experiments with using it after the market fell apart in 2018.

The latest: They have only incorporated Circle's usd coin (USDC) so far, but on several different blockchains.

  • It sounds like other cryptocurrencies may be coming.

But wait... there's more: Stripe co-founder John Collison seems genuinely delighted by how far the cryptocurrency user experience has come.

  • He buys something for 99 USDC on Solana live on stage, using the Phantom wallet, and it's done lickety-split.

The bottom line: This is a man who knows a little something about the UX of payments.


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