Apr 26, 2024 - Business

Hotel lights are so maddening

Two beds in a hotel room with overhead lighting

Overhead lights are among the features that hotels prioritize. Photo: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Puzzling out the lights in hotel rooms requires a PhD these days — and travelers are getting frustrated.

The big picture: "For many frequent travelers, the most maddening thing about hotel rooms—aside from rising nightly rates—is lighting," the Wall Street Journal reports. "Too much, too little, too scattered, too complicated, an afterthought or overwrought."

  • Among the causes: Hotels are trying to provide features like reading lights or overhead lighting while often doing so in old buildings that might require rewiring.

💭 Nathan's thought bubble: If I were president, I would mandate simple hotel lights on Day 1. Only old-fashioned switches allowed.


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