Apr 25, 2024 - Business

Working professionals increasingly support the use of AI tools

Share who say how AI-enhanced content would affect their views of a colleague or firm
Data:Seven Letter; Chart: Tory Lysik/Axios Visuals

Communicators are more likely to have a favorable view of agencies and colleagues who incorporate AI into their work, according to an Axios-Seven Letter insights survey.

Why it matters: This signals that AI-supported work might not be as taboo as it was just one year ago.

By the numbers: Seven Letter surveyed Axios Communicators readers against general working professionals and found that communicators are more likely (87%) than the average professional (62%) to use AI in their everyday work, specifically when it comes to generating new content.

  • Overall, most professionals are using AI for research support, per the survey.

Zoom in: Communication pros are most concerned about the accuracy of AI, and all of those polled say they edit AI-generated content before shipping it off.

  • Communicators are also more likely (86%) than average professionals (73%) to want to know how professional services firm are using generative AI to enhance their services or products.

What they're saying: "Professionals are using generative AI cautiously and see the potential it can deliver to society, to their own work, and to the success of their firms," says Matt George, partner and head of research at Seven Letter.

  • "At the same time, professionals want clear communication about how the firms they interact with are incorporating generative AI into their work product."

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