Apr 25, 2024 - Business

We're all becoming bougie at-home baristas

colorful coffee machines and kitchen counter appliances

Drew Barrymore's kitchen line with Walmart displayed at the Inspired Home Show Photo: Brianna Crane

If 2023 was the year ice was hot, 2024 is the year of at-home coffee station infatuation.

Why it matters: Fancy coffees are a big part of "little treat" culture, which took off during the pandemic when we were all looking for joy amid chaos.

The big picture: Coffee consumption is at an all-time high, and kitchen brands are bullish on the buzz.

Driving the news: Hundreds of homewares and gadgets debuted at the 2024 Inspired Home Show in Chicago this spring — many of which are designed to make at-home coffee sipping more satisfying.

  • From $5,000 Swiss espresso machines to Drew Barrymore's colorful single-serve coffee maker sold at Walmart, manufacturers and retailers are bringing upgraded caffeine machines to market at all price points.

Zoom in: Bosch has its 800 Series Fully Automatic Smart Espresso Machine, which offers the ultimate party trick.

  • You can queue up multiple coffee orders on an app, and the machine will make the custom drinks back-to-back, just like a barista.

What they're saying: Home design pros predict beverage stations will be the top-requested kitchen feature in 2024.

By the numbers: There are more than 22 million coffee station TikToks, with top videos raking in millions of views.

  • Pinterest searches for "coffee bar styling" were up 1,125% from September 2021 to August 2023, per data the platform shared with Axios.

My thought bubble: I wouldn't tell anyone if I won the lottery, but there'd be signs.

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