Apr 18, 2024 - Business

🤍 1 fun thing: Taylor Swift's PR guru

Photo of Tree Paine

Swift's publicist Tree Paine arriving at a Denver courthouse in 2017. Credit: Theo Stroomer/Getty Images

WSJ Magazine is out today with a spotlight on one of America's most beloved — and the media's most feared — publicists, Tree Paine.

  • Why it matters: "Paine has guided Swift through some of the more tumultuous moments of her career... [and] at almost every turn, Paine presents Swift — arguably the most famous woman on the planet, a billionaire with a private jet — as a relatable underdog fighting for her voice to be heard," writes Allie Jones for WSJ Mag.

Go deeper ... There Are Plenty of Power Publicists. But Only One Works for Taylor Swift.


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