Apr 16, 2024 - Health

Charted: Young adult sterilization soars post-Roe v. Wade

Permanent contraception post-Roe

Chart: Courtesy of JAMA Health Forum

There was an "abrupt increase" in young adults opting for vasectomies and tubal ligations after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022, according a study in JAMA Health Forum.

What they found: The University of Pittsburgh-led study found a particular jump in tubal ligations among women ages 18 to 30.

  • It was roughly double the rate of vasectomies sought by men in that age group.
  • "This change may reflect fears of restricted access to abortion and/or contraception," the authors wrote.

Yes, but: The data was not broken down by state, which would have allowed a comparison of the response in those with and without abortion bans.

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