Apr 11, 2024 - Business

LinkedIn-fluencers rise

Illustration of the LinkedIn logo with a play button as the dot over the "i".

Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios

LinkedIn hopes that a new TikTok-style video feature will entice more brand builders and younger creators.

Why it matters: The rise of short-form video would inevitably change the way executives engage and thought-lead across the professional platform.

The big picture: There's more emphasis on building a personal brand — and for working professionals, LinkedIn is seen as a safest place to do it.

  • Plus, the ability to connect with deeply engaged audiences has created more opportunities for executives to build their chops as thought leaders and visibly engage with employees, consumers and other industry leaders.
  • "A lot of the CEOs are out there now evangelizing the brand," says Roberto Munoz, CEO and founder of Munoz Communications and author of "LinkedIn PowerUp Playbook."
  • "We're also seeing CEOs step in as the face of the organization, commenting on everything from a new product launch to welcoming new team members [and] what's happening in Israel and Gaza."

Zoom in: Company pages also see a lot of action on the platform, per LinkedIn data shared with Axios.

  • Over 67 million companies and organizations have pages, and 40% of LinkedIn visitors engage with a page organically every week​.

Corporate communications teams are also buying ads across the platform to specifically target employees with corporate brand messaging.

  • "LinkedIn is our most effective employee communications tool," one chief communications officer of a consumer package goods brand told Axios. "We know from the analytics that our employees find information and want to amplify and be advocates for our company on LinkedIn."

What they're saying: "In general, we've seen an increase in executives and other business leaders leaning more into LinkedIn as a platform to talk directly to the world," says a LinkedIn spokesperson.

  • "And they're being more transparent than ever on their take on business trends, sensitive company news and their own advice on leading."

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