Mar 25, 2024 - Business

Ammo maker Vista Outdoors gets $3 billion rival takeover offer

Remington bullets for sale.

MNC Capital, a Dallas-based family office, increased its takeover offer for sporting goods and ammunition manufacturer Vista Outdoor to $3 billion, or $37.50 per share.

Why it matters: This could help Vista sidestep a U.S. national security review, which was launched after it agreed to sell its firearms and ammo division to Prague-based Czechoslovak Group for $1.91 billion.

Caveat: Vista has already rejected MNC once, questioning the firm's financing commitments and arguing that the spin-off plan would provide more value to shareholders. MNC's original offer was for $35 per share.

Behind the scenes: Vista's ammo brands include Remington, while it's also responsible for products like CamelBak water bottles.

More, per the NY Times: "CSG has faced tough scrutiny before. The Czech company's CEO said in 2022 that it took his company 'seven long months' to win CFIUS approval for its acquisition of Fiocchi, another arms maker .. MNC asserted that the CSG deal would give a foreign-owned company commanding control of the West's supply of primers, the propellant in ammunition."

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