Mar 21, 2024 - Business

⚡️Plus: Peltz's PR blitz

Photo illustration of Nelson Peltz and abstract shapes.

Photo illustration: Gabriella Turrisi/Axios. Photo: Heidi Gutman/CNBC

Trian Partners is also using the power of public relations in the lead-up to next month's shareholder vote.

Driving the news: Peltz has stepped even further into the spotlight, with CNBC interviews and other press appearances.

  • The New York Times ran a 5,000-word profile on Peltz and Barron's hinted at Peltz's winning strategy, regardless of how the votes shake out.

Between the lines: The Wall Street Journal published a profile on ESPN boss and potential Iger successor, Jimmy Pitaro, and Bloomberg ran a piece on Disney's overall succession plan.

What to watch: Of interest is how Disney positions Iger's heir apparents, given that one of Trian's main knocks against it is poor succession planning, Axios Pro reporter Tim Baysinger points out.

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