Mar 11, 2024 - Health

U.S. states where people get the most — and the least — exercise

Share of population averaging at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week
Data: Brigham and Women's Hospital; Map: Axios Visuals

Massachusetts may be the U.S. state where residents get the most aerobic exercise, according to new Apple Watch data.

Why it matters: Many adults don't put in the recommended 150 minutes of weekly aerobic exercise, although they could hit that number with five 30-minute brisk walks weekly.

Driving the news: The 2024 Apple and Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital study found that only 54% of the participants were hitting that minimum.

Zoom in: Among participants in the study, the states with the highest percentage of people getting 150 minutes of weekly aerobic exercise were Massachusetts (67.2%), New York (66%) and Connecticut (64.1%), followed then by California (62.3%).

  • Mississippi (38.5%), Louisiana (41.3%), Oklahoma (41.4%) and West Virginia (41.7%) were the states with the lowest proportion of 150-minute exercisers.

Reality check: People included in this research were adults who track their fitness data with an Apple Watch — presumably a particularly health-conscious bunch.

  • The CDC also recommends two additional days of muscle-strengthening activity.

Beyond the physical health benefits of a brisk walk, here's another reason to go for a stroll today: to boost your mental health and longevity.

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Editor's note: This story has been corrected to say Mississippi, not Minnesota, was among states with the lowest proportion of 150-minute exercisers.

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