Mar 5, 2024 - Economy

The weights vs. cardio debate

Illustration of a glowing silhouette of a person squatting with a barbell

Illustration: Annelise Capossela/Axios

The cardio vs. weights debate erupted during the Axios business team meeting today when discussing our 1 big thing, Nathan writes.

The intrigue: The fireworks began after discussing the comment from Planet Fitness' Benson that people are stepping over the cardio machines to hit the weights.

  • The Gen Xers on our team were skeptical. They like their cardio, apparently.

💭 Nathan's thought bubble: I, for one, go for a mix of cardio and weights for my workout. I'm no biology expert, but isn't that best for the body?

What say you, Closer readers? Have you lost interest in cardio? Is it all about strength training for you these days?


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