Feb 29, 2024 - Business

Charles Duhigg on the power of "Supercommunicators"

Photo of the book "Supercommunicators" by Charles Duhigg

Credit: Random House

The ability to communicate is what limits or enhances one's career — and it's a skill that everyone can learn.

Why it matters: Whether you're a CIA agent, surgeon, astronaut or TV producer, you can't be effective at your job if you can't communicate, writes Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist and author Charles Duhigg in his new book, "Supercommunicators."

What they're saying: "Communications is the thing that makes success happen," Duhigg told Axios.

  • "If you think about why people end up in the C-suite, a huge part of it is their ability to communicate. ... It's usually because [they] can communicate and convince others to join them, or to see a vision for what they hope to create."

Zoom in: Supercommunicators can bring together audiences with different interests by understanding what kind of conversation they need to have — an emotional one or a practical one.

  • "The top suggestion I would give a leader is learn to ask questions," says Duhigg. "And when you hear something authentic, respond with your own authenticity — because that's how you will connect with other people, no matter what your business."

What to watch: AI won't take away our need to connect, but it could help leaders better understand how to connect with particular audiences.

  • We are in the golden age of understanding the science of communications, and technology — like AI — could enhance that, adds Duhigg.

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