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Watch: An Axios News Shapers event

Axios hosted a News Shapers event in Washington, D.C. featuring conversations with Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.), Republican Senate candidate and former Maryland governor Larry Hogan and Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas) on the morning of President Biden's State of the Union address. The event was moderated by Axios politics reporter Sophia Cai and senior politics reporter Eugene Scott.

What they're saying: As the 2024 presidential election looms and President Biden carries out the final stretch of his term, the group of policy leaders discussed their stances on hot button cultural issues and appealing to voters ahead of November.

  • Rep. Donalds doubled down on his belief that Donald Trump will be able to bring in voters who are uncommitted to voting for the Republican nominee and supported other candidates like Nikki Haley during the primary. "A primary election is very different from a general election," he said. "I think most of those voters are going to come home, I 100% believe that."
  • Hogan said that he would not be voting for Donald Trump or President Biden in the presidential election. "Look, I'm like 70% of the rest of the people in America who do not want Joe Biden or Donald Trump to be president, and I'm hoping that there potentially is another alternative."
  • Rep. Crockett explained how she is thinking about appealing to young progressive voters who support her but are unsure if they will vote for President Biden in the presidential race. "I think for me, I'm gonna tell people, listen, you don't have to love Joe. Just hold your nose, and recognize that's the teammate that I need."

Thank you to Bank of America for sponsoring this event.

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