Feb 7, 2024 - Business


Illustration of an exclamation point made of stars.

Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

Blue Origin and SpaceX get all the headlines.

  • But a little company in the U.K. with 25 employees has been sending things into space for over a decade.

Sent Into Space, the WSJ noted today, makes a business out of sending "stuff" into "space" (at 110,000 feet, it's technically just the stratosphere, but the pictures will fool you).

Details: A chicken nugget, Jameson whiskey, a wedding dress, and a meat-and-potato pie have all taken the trip, per the report.

Um, why? It's fueled some pretty good marketing campaigns. And why not?

Between the lines: There are no rockets involved. A polyethylene balloon takes the object up for its photo shoot before descending back down to Earth.

  • A single trip can cost between a few thousand dollars to "hundreds of thousands," per the WSJ.

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