Jan 12, 2024 - Axios Events

The Future of Business in a Tech-Centered World

Attendees gathered in a sleek and intimate event venue space for an evening of networking and conversation.

Attendees gathered for an evening of networking and conversation. Credit: Andrew Hurtado for Axios

An Axios Expert Voices Discussion Event in Las Vegas, Nevada

The big picture: On Wednesday, January 10, Axios hosted an Expert Voices event in Las Vegas that convened experts for a discussion looking at how businesses are integrating the latest emerging technologies to adapt their current and future operations, strategies and models. Axios senior media reporter Sara Fischer led the conversation.

What they're saying: Attendees shared why they think the current buzz around the transformative potential of new technologies like AI is more than just hype and will have a lasting impact, as the moment we are in today has been a culmination of decades of research and development of these technologies that are just now beginning to scale.

  • Alvin Graylin, HTC global VP of corporate development: "I can see all of the problems that we've been trying to solve for the last 30 years are now getting solved, and that's the big difference is now these agents are not just duplicating things or making things a little bit faster … you give it a task and it comes back with an answer."
  • Joe Atkinson, PwC vice chair and chief products & technology officer: "This point about how long it will take to adopt these technologies to scale, it's not only a government problem, it's a private company's and public company's problem as well. Changing process takes a long time … You look at all the things that we've been talking about over many years at CES, and we're now just starting to see them scale … But the reality is we've been talking about the concepts and the technology behind them for 20 years."
  • Robert Wheeler, GroupM CMO North America: "I think from a media standpoint, it's can a CPG company create 300 different ads to reach 300 million different people, sure. But should they? So right now it's the test and learn phase, it's like, we can do this now, that's awesome but do we need to I think is the question."

Thank you to PwC for sponsoring this event.

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