Jan 10, 2024 - Technology

Survey: Workplaces are riddled with AI distrust

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Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

Four out of five workers say their employers don't have guidelines for using AI — and barely half welcome the arrival of AI in their organization, according to a new international survey.

Why it matters: Many organizations lack a shared view on how to use AI — and that lack of consensus could hold them back from integrating AI into their operations.

Details: 62% of business leaders (C-suite and direct reports) welcome AI in their organization, compared to 52% of non-executive employees, in the survey commissioned by Workday, the enterprise software company.

  • That lack of enthusiasm is driven partly by concerns from around 1 in 5 executives and employees that their organization will put its interests above theirs in rolling out AI.
  • Workday says its survey, conducted in November and December, included 1,375 business leaders and 4,000 employees in 15 countries.

The intrigue: While workers are skeptical about how AI will be used in their workplace, 61% of employees hope AI delivers a "transformation" in their organization, compared to 32% who prefer AI to stick close to the status quo.

What they're saying: Jim Stratton, CTO at Workday, told Axios that the biggest AI risk an organization faces is being paralyzed by uncertainty.

  • The antidote, he said, is "a comprehensive approach to AI responsibility" — creating AI principles, communicating them clearly, and appointing a broad-based team to manage them.
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