Dec 31, 2023 - World

2024 wishes range from ending war to hugging a chicken

Illustration of the Statue of Liberty wearing party hats and confetti falling.

Illustration: Allie Carl/Axios

On New Year's Eve in Times Square, more than a ton of confetti will drop to ring in 2024 — and written on over 130,000 pieces of it will be wishes from all over the world.

What's happening: The Times Square Alliance collected thousands of wishes from 154 different countries through online submissions and a physical wishing wall in New York City in December.

  • Those wishes will be mixed with confetti that falls at midnight Dec. 31, covering Times Square with thousands of hopes and dreams.

What they're saying: "We saw a lot of 'health', 'happiness', and 'peace' this year," Times Square Alliance vice president TJ Witham told Axios.

Here's a look at just a few of those New Year's wishes:

  • "It's always been a wish of mine to spend New Year's in Times Square. One day I will. Until then, this note will make it there for me."
  • "May I eat a lot of delicious foods!!"
  • "I want to succeed in my first year of medicine to one day become a pediatric surgeon."
  • "My wish is to become financially stable but also take my mom on her bucket list trips."
  • "I want the war end in Ukraine and my father will come back home and live under the peaceful sky."
  • "My wish is for my dad to never forget how much I love him. #dementiacaregiver"
  • "I wish to hug a chicken."
  • "I wish for the world to be a little less homophobic and a lot more accepting in 2024."
  • "I wish for a year where I finally have the courage to do the things I'm scared to do and achieve the things I've dreamt of."
  • "I wish that the climate crisis will end."
  • "I'd love to go horseback riding with Reba McEntire!"
  • "I wish to see my 99th birthday and make it to my granddaughter's wedding in September!!"
  • "My wish is that my wife be pain free, happy, healthy and come to know how truly special she is."
  • "To have a complete historical American Girl doll collection."
  • "That there will be no wars in my daughter's lifetime."

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