Dec 9, 2023 - Economy

Holiday gift guide, children's book edition

Children's money books: Bunny Money, Shark Scam, Money Plan, Trouble With Money, Give It!, Money Ninja

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"Books are best enjoyed when read out loud," children's book author (and former FDIC chair) Sheila Bair tells Axios.

Why it matters: Bair is an adviser to the Foolproof Foundation, which encourages a skeptical attitude toward financial-services messaging in its school curricula.

  • "Until we get more of it in the schools," she says, "we need it in homes."

How it works: "I love reading these books to kids directly," says Bair. "They're focused, they're quiet, they're listening."

  • "If they like the book, they read it over and over again."

Bair's gift guide: Beyond her own books, which are distributed to kids living in poverty via the Foolproof Foundation, Bair recommends "Bunny Money"; the unrelated Moneybunny books; "Money Ninja"; the Berenstain Bears' "Trouble With Money"; and the grocery-shopping book "Money Plan" (yes, there's ice cream).

The bottom line: "Stay away from didactic books that read more like instructional manuals," Bair tells Axios. "It's so much cozier to curl up with a child and read a good story."

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