Updated Oct 5, 2023 - Politics & Policy

Cornel West switches party to independent in 2024 presidential race

Cornel West speaks to the media in Los Angeles in August. Photo: Francine Orr/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Cornel West, a 2024 presidential candidate, will now be running as an independent, he and his campaign announced Thursday.

Why it matters: The prominent progressive scholar and activist has changed his party affiliation twice since his June campaign launch under the People's Party. He previously switched to the Green Party.

What they're saying: "As Dr. West's campaign for president grows, he believes the best way to challenge the entrenched system is by focusing 100% on the people, not on the intricacies of internal party dynamics," West's campaign said Thursday.

  • "Our Constitution provides for Independent candidates to gain ballot access in all states, and Dr. West has begun seeking ballot access as an Independent, unaffiliated with any political party," they added.

West is in the race "to challenge the hegemony of the two ruling parties," which they refer to as "the corporate duopoly," per his campaign.

  • In a post Thursday on X, formerly known as Twitter, West said: "People are hungry for change. They want good policies over partisan politics. We need to break the grip of the duopoly and give power to the people."

Zoom out: West, 70, a philosopher and former professor at universities including Princeton and Harvard, is centering his campaign on "policy pillars for a movement rooted in truth, justice, & love."

  • Though West is now running as an independent, his campaign said he still "nods in solidarity" with the Green Party.

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