Jun 27, 2023 - World

Mexican beer makers are using bugs to supplement barley

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The porter style beer made partly with crickets. Source: via Noticias Telemundo

Mexican entrepreneurs are using crickets to supplement barley in beer.

Details: La Grilla beer is being tested out in small batches in Querétaro by a local craft brewery and a company that makes gluten-free and bread products using insects.

  • The creators wanted to prove that insects can become part of our diet even in drinks while maintaining taste, they told the news agency EFE.
  • They found that pulverized crickets when lightly toasted have a very similar taste to barley and rye, and began substituting them in the production of a malt/porter beer.
  • Climate change has made barley less readily available because of drought and excessive heat, which impede its growth.

Of note: Edible insects have been a source of healthy and ecologically sustainable protein in Mexico since Mesoamerican times.

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