Jun 23, 2023 - Technology

Amazon's generative AI playground is open

Illustration of an easel with a canvas with the Amazon logo painted on it.

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

AWS is stepping up its AI accelerator efforts via a $100 million Generative AI Innovation Center.

Why it matters: This is a two-fold play by Amazon — to diversify generative AI interest away from this year's obsession with ChatGPT, and to grow AWS's share of the cloud computing market for running generative AI services.

  • "There is no single model that's going to be the ruling model for all of the use cases," the head of the new center, Sri Elaprolu, told Axios.

What's happening: Part AI sandbox and part tutoring service, the center will connect AWS AI strategists, data scientists, and engineers with customers.

  • The goal is getting AWS customers "going in the right direction," per Elaprolu, so they go on to build and deploy their own custom generative AI products and services.
  • Customers are encouraged to first clean up their data and then brainstorm and build prototypes with AWS.

What they're saying: AWS expects use cases to focus on improving customer experiences, optimizing business operations, and ramping up creative production.

  • "Most enterprises will want to try it out internally first, to get experience and confidence," Elaprolu said.
  • "Cloud computing is critical because you're training on internet-scale data: you're not going to effectively do it in a data center or a server farm," he said.

Flashback: Amazon has been running AI accelerator programs since 2016, and debuted a 10-week program for generative AI startups in April.

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