Mar 26, 2023 - Economy

1 big movie thing: an AI-generated film festival

Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios

On Wednesday, Runway AI presented the 10 finalists in its festival for AI-generated short films at a private event in San Francisco, showcasing what filmmakers can do today with generative AI tools.

Why it matters: This tech isn't just used by industry insiders who are enjoying playing around with the latest shiny thing: professional artists are already tapping them to expand their storytelling abilities.

The intrigue: Runway AI co-founder Cristóbal Valenzuela told me that the company plans to host its film festival again and has already received interest from other established festivals to partner.

  • What's more, he added that instead of being worried that AI will replace them, filmmakers so far seem enthusiastic about the tech.

Watch the finalists here.

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