Mar 3, 2023 - Sports

NFL report cards: Players grade their teams

Data: NFLPA; Table: Alice Feng/Axios

The National Football League Players Association has released the results of its first "team report cards," ranking all 32 teams based on a workplace conditions survey it conducted with roughly 1,300 current players.

Details: The union asked players to answer 60 questions about their team to gauge performance in eight categories: treatment of families, food service/nutrition, travel, locker room, weight room, training room, training staff and strength coaches.

Results: The Minnesota Vikings, who got at least an A-minus in every category, ranked No. 1 overall. The Washington Commanders ranked last, earning just one grade above a C-plus and three F-minus grades for their training room, locker room and travel.

  • Six teams make their young players have roommates on the road: Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tennessee Titans and Commanders.
  • Seven teams don't offer first-class seats to players: Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Colts, Bucs, Titans and Commanders.

Between the lines: Some teams lagged behind the competition in glaring ways, according to their players.

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars (ranked 28th overall) dealt with a monthlong rat infestation in their locker room.
  • The Arizona Cardinals (31st) are the only team that charges players for dinner, and also the only one that charges for meals eaten at the facility in the offseason.

The big picture: The purpose of the survey — which the NFLPA says it will conduct annually going forward — was to raise standards across the league, while also providing free agents with information that might help them decide on a new team.

"Next year, there can be no claim of ignorance, because we brought the problem up. It will be even more telling if these issues continue ... because then that is a clear choice."
— NFLPA president J.C. Tretter
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