Nov 28, 2022 - Technology

Video games — for dogs!

A dog looking at a video screen where there are two different choices.

Kawet, a mixed-breed rescue dog, deciding which side to touch on a Joipaw game. Photo by Dersim Avdar (Kawet's owner)

A company called Joipaw is taking reservations for a video game system that it says will "unleash your dog's cognitive potential."

  • The Joipaw console will include "​a dog-tailored touchscreen, a height-adjustable stand and an automated treat dispenser," plus "running interactive puzzle games that are constantly new and challenging."
  • It works in conjunction with a wearable activity tracker and app.

How it works: "Dogs wear the tracker on their collar, and it sends data on their activities to the app, e.g. steps, time spent resting, playing, walking," Dersim Avdar, co-founder of Joipaw, tells Axios.

  • "They also play games on the console and receive treats when they're successful," he says. "We gather cognitive data in the background, which is also shown in the app."

The bottom line: Avdar hopes to build Joipaw into "Apple Health, but for dogs."

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