Oct 27, 2022 - Economy

The case for corporate podcasts

Data: MuckRack; Chart: Axios Visuals

Most employees 79% — report feeling out of the loop at work, and corporate communicators are tasked with grabbing their attention.

State of play: Hybrid work has normalized toggling between work and life seamlessly, creating a built-in market for corporate podcasts.

  • Six in 10 Americans listen to podcasts while multitasking.
  • And podcasts appeal to all age groups — with most of the audience 12 to 54 years old, according to Edison research.

Zoom in: It's an efficient way to share company initiatives, cultivate culture, train remote employees and make executives more accessible, says Tom Frank, chief creative officer of the strategic communications firm KGlobal.

  • Podcasts also enable employees to receive dynamic updates and absorb company news on their own time — like during a morning commute or while making breakfast.
  • "At Casted, we have have a 15-minute Board of Directors podcast that pulls together all of our pre-reads so that everybody is informed before we begin," says Lindsay Tjepkema, founder and CEO.
  • American Airlines, Salesforce, Amazon and Goldman Sachs use podcasts to promote their employer brand and expertise both internally and externally.
  • Plus, podcasts have accessibility options — like transcription — and allow for translation so employers can reach a global employee base.

Yes, but: Don't add new channels without taking something away— or paring back.

  • Podcasts should help you reduce lengthy memos and staff meetings, Frank said.

💡 Be smart: MuckRack's State of Podcasting report found most podcasts are 20-40 minutes long and posted weekly.

  • Podcasts are most effective when episodes are short and follow a consistent publication schedule, Tjepkema says.

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