Oct 17, 2022 - World

Russian journalist who protested Ukraine war flees the country

Marina Ovsyannikova,

Marina Ovsyannikova stands inside a defendant's box during a court session on Aug. 11. Photo: Natalia Kolesnikova/AFP via Getty Images

Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, who made waves in March for protesting against the invasion of Ukraine on live television, fled the country after escaping house arrest, her lawyer said on Monday.

Driving the news: "[Marina] Ovsyannikova and her daughter left Russia a few hours after departing from the address where she was under house arrest. They are in Europe now," said Ovsyannikova's lawyer, Dmitry Zakhvatov, according to AFP.

  • Zakhvatov said Ovsyannikova is "under the protection of a European state" but declined to say where, Reuters reported.
  • "Soon everything will be made public. We need a couple of weeks," he added.
  • Ovsyannikova's son remains in Russia, Zakhvatov said.

The big picture: Ovsyannikova was placed under house arrest in August for a one-woman protest she staged in July opposite the Kremlin, in which she held a sign calling Putin a murderer and his soldiers fascists.

  • Charged with disseminating fake news, she would face up to 10 years in prison if found guilty.
  • Earlier this month, Ovsyannikova announced that she had escaped house arrest ahead of a scheduled court hearing.

Editor's note: This article was corrected to reflect that Ovsyannikova's lawyer said Monday that Ovsyannikova had fled the country (not that she fled the country on Monday).

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