Oct 6, 2022 - Health

Liver cancer deaths to jump 55% by 2040

Data: Journal of Hepatology; Chart: Axios Visuals

Cases of Hepatitis B and C, upticks in alcohol consumption and excess body weight and diabetes are expected to drive the number of liver cancer deaths around the world 55% higher by 2040, according to an analysis published in the Journal of Hepatology.

By the numbers: The research, led by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, found about 906,000 people were diagnosed with liver cancer and about 830,000 died from liver cancer globally in 2020.

  • Liver cancer was among the top five causes of cancer death in 90 countries.
  • Liver cancer was the most common cause of cancer death in 15 countries, including Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Egypt, Gabon, The Gambia, Ghana, Guatemala, Laos, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Republic of Congo, Solomon Islands, Thailand, Vanuatu, and Vietnam.
  • Deaths are likely to increase unless a 3% or greater annual decrease in new cases is achieved, the authors write.

What they're saying: "Public health officials must prepare for an increase in demand for resources to manage the care of patients with liver cancer throughout the cancer pathway," they said.

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