Sep 21, 2022 - Sports

Arrest made in mysterious attack on French soccer player

Aminata Diallo

Aminata Diallo warms up before a game in March 2022. Photo: Aurelien Meunier/PSG via Getty Images

The mysterious case of French soccer players Aminata Diallo and Kheira Hamraoui is back in the headlines, and the latest update could spell major trouble for Diallo.

Driving the news: Diallo was arrested again on Friday and charged with aggravated assault for allegedly orchestrating an attack last November against then-PSG teammate Hamraoui.

Catch up quick: On Nov. 4, 2021, masked men dragged Hamraoui from Diallo's car and beat her legs with metal bars.

  • Diallo was arrested a week later when authorities believed she organized the attack in an effort to injure Hamraoui and take her starting spot. Diallo was held for 36 hours, but never charged.
  • Early last week, four men were arrested for their roles in the attack and told police that Diallo ordered it. That led to her re-arrest and aggravated assault charge.
  • A leaked report alleges that Diallo Googled "how to break a kneecap" before the attack. She still maintains her innocence and will now prepare her defense with her lawyer.

What they're saying: Hamraoui opened up about the attack on Twitter after Diallo's latest arrest, posting photos and explaining the depth of her trauma:

"That dark night changed my personal and professional life ... I thought I was going to die. ... Their objective was simple that night: to violently take my work tool by breaking my legs and ending my career."

Between the lines: Diallo, 27, retired from professional soccer after her contract expired at the end of last season. Hamraoui, 32, remains with PSG but hasn't played yet this season.

Looking ahead: If you're thinking this sounds a lot like the Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan scandal, you're not alone. Filmmakers have already approached both women about future projects, per NYT.

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