Aug 17, 2022 - Economy & Business

Employee happiness trumps pay, survey finds

Data: Indeed; Chart: Axios Visuals

The best way to attract talent isn't money— it's with a happy workplace.

Driving the news: A new Indeed-Forrester workplace survey found that 90% of people "believe how we feel at work matters," and a majority think it’s their employer's responsibility to create a happy work environment.

Between the lines: Fair pay and flexibility are gimmes at this point. To actually achieve happiness, employees need to feel energized by their work, have a sense of belonging and trust in their employer, the Indeed-Forrester study finds.

  • 80% want to see information about employee wellbeing before accepting a job offer, and 61% believe that in ten years, workers will not settle for companies that don’t prioritize happiness and wellbeing.

Zoom out: Those who work for a company that measures happiness and wellbeing are 80% more likely to stay at their current employer for the next year.

  • Happier and more engaged workers can also lead to 23% higher profits and better performance.
  • “Employee happiness and productivity have a direct link," Cathryn Baker, Indeed ESG expert, told Axios.
  • "Employees that are more satisfied at work and who feel their wellbeing is prioritized by their superiors are more likely to have increased productivity, and by measuring productivity, employers can gauge overall employee wellbeing.”

The bottom line: People who report having a low level of wellbeing at work are 84% more likely to leave their current employer.

  • “Conversations around employee wellbeing have long been considered inappropriate while at work, but managers and employers need to focus on de-stigmatizing these discussions and allow for open and honest communication... it’s about dialogue — not just the delivery of a message,” says Baker.

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