Jul 24, 2022 - World

Moldova fears potential Russian invasion, prime minister says

Moldova Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita told CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS” in an interview that aired Sunday her country, which borders Ukraine, fears a possible Russian invasion.

What they're saying: “We are worried, of course. This is a risk, it’s a hypothetical scenario for now, but if the military actions move further into the southwestern part of Ukraine and toward Odesa," Gavrilita said.

  • "We are very worried, especially considering that troops are on the territory of the secessionist Transnistria region. We are doing everything possible to maintain peace and stability and to ensure that the fighting does not escalate," she added.
  • "This is a very difficult position not just for Moldova but for any small country, any country that relies on the rules-based international order."
  • "If a country can start an annexation war without any regard for, you know, international law then in this sense, nobody is safe and I think that a lot of countries are worried."

State of play: In April, a Russian general said Russia was seeking to take control of southern Ukraine in order to link up with Transnistria, the unrecognized breakaway state internationally recognized as part of Moldova.

  • Days later, explosions were heard in Transnistria, which lies directly along the border of Ukraine but is aligned with Russia and hosts 1,500 Russian troops.
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