Jun 30, 2022 - Technology

This airport departures board knows your name

The Parallel Reality airport departures board.

Photo courtesy Delta Air Lines

Detroit Metropolitan Airport is now home to a first-of-its-kind departure board that uses facial recognition tech to show travelers customized info about their flight.

Why it matters: The board, called Parallel Reality, is an intriguing real-world example of the power of facial recognition.

  • Delta Air Lines' innovation team partnered with California-based tech startup Misapplied Sciences to develop the screen.
  • Delta is also rolling out facial recognition tech that allows travelers to get to their gates without showing their ID or boarding pass.

How it works: The new departure board uses facial recognition, multi-view pixels and "proprietary technology" to display personalized flight information to travelers who opt-in to the program.

  • It can show info for up to 100 distinct passengers simultaneously.
  • If you and I were both standing next to one another and looking at the board, we'd each see only the information relevant to our respective flights.

Yes, but: Any kind of facial recognition tech brings the obvious privacy concerns and creep factor.

  • It's also not all that hard to find flight info on old-school displays, or on your phone.
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