Jun 26, 2022 - World

Iran launches rocket as nuclear talks set to resume, state media reports

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell at a press conference in Tehran on June 25. Photo: Atta Kenare/AFP via Getty Images

According to Iranian state television reports, Iran launched a solid-fueled rocket equipped with a satellite carrier on Sunday despite nuclear talks being set to resume between Iran and the U.S., per AP.

Why it matters: EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell announced Saturday the U.S. and Iran would resume indirect negotiations around reviving the 2015 nuclear deal in the coming days, ending a deep, months-long stalemate in discussions.

The big picture: It is unclear when the rocket was launched, though state media reported that it was successful, per AP.

  • Iranian Defense Ministry spokesperson Ahmad Hosseini said the satellite carrier, which can gather information in low-Earth orbit, would be essential to promoting Iran's space industry, according to the state-run IRNA news agency, per AP.
  • Iran maintains that its rocket and satellite launches don't have a military purpose, though the U.S. believes they violate a United Nations Security Council resolution that calls for Iran to desist from any activities involving ballistic missile that could deliver nuclear weapons.
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