May 20, 2022 - World

Former Marine Trevor Reed on Russian imprisonment: "I wouldn't let myself hope"

Former U.S. Marine Trevor Reed, who was detained in a Russian prison since 2019 before being released last month, said in an exclusive interview with CNN that he feared for his life while imprisoned.

Driving the news: "You felt they might kill you?" CNN's Jake Tapper asked. "Yes. I thought that was a possibility," Reed responded.

  • Reed also told Tapper that he wouldn't let himself have hope during his imprisonment.
  • "And a lot of people are not going to like what I'm gonna say about this, but I kind of viewed their — having hope as being a weakness," he said.
  • "So I did not wanna have that hope of, like, me, you know, being released somehow and then have that taken from me."
  • "You denied yourself hope?" Tapper asked. "Yeah. "I wouldn't let myself hope," Reed said.

The big picture: Reed had been sentenced to nine years in prison by a Moscow court in 2020 after being accused of assaulting two police officers in a physical altercation.

What he's saying: "The psychiatric treatment facility, I was in there with seven other prisoners in a cell. They all had severe, psychological health issues — most of 'em. So over 50% of them in that cell were in there for murder. Or, like, multiple murders, sexual assault and murder — just really disturbed individuals," Reed said.

  • "There was blood all over the walls there — where prisoners had killed themselves, or killed other prisoners, or attempted to do that," Reed said.
  • "And inside of that cell, you know, that was not a good place," he added.
  • "The toilet's just a hole in the floor. And there's, you know, crap everywhere, all over the floor, on the walls. There's people in there also that walk around that look like zombies."

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