May 4, 2022 - Politics & Policy

Dave Chappelle attack the latest in a trend of performers targeted onstage

Dave Chappelle performs at Zo Summer Groove Benefit Dinner and Gala.

Dave Chappelle. Photo: Larry Marano/WireImage

The recent attack on Dave Chappelle isn't the first time a performer has been targeted onstage.

The big picture: Chappelle was tackled onstage late Tuesday by a man with a replica gun at a Los Angeles comedy festival. He was uninjured in the attack.

Multiple incidents have occurred in recent years where celebrities were attacked by stage crashers:

Chris Rock: The comedian was slapped in the face by actor Will Smith at the 2022 Academy Awards, an incident that Rock referenced after Chappelle was attacked.

Comedian Steve Brown: Brown was attacked at The Comedy House in Columbia, South Carolina, in 2018. Video footage showed an attacker jumping on stage and punching Brown.

Adam Levine: A concertgoer ran on stage and disrupted a Maroon 5 concert in October 2021 at the Hollywood Bowl. A viral TikTok clip showed security quickly grabbing the woman and pulling her away from the band's frontman Adam Levine.

Pusha T: In 2018, rapper Pusha T's concert in Toronto was cut short after a group of men rushed the stage, leaving one man stabbed and in critical condition, per USA Today.

Musicians Keith Richards, the late Amy Winehouse and Akon all also experienced fan incidents at their shows, per Rolling Stone.

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