Apr 7, 2022 - Health

Congress may punt $10 billion COVID funding package

The Capitol building

Photo: Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

Congress may punt on a $10 billion COVID preparedness funding package until the end of this month due to a fight over immigration policy.

Why it matters: The Biden administration has warned that it’s running out of money for countermeasures to ward off future pandemics and COVID surges — and has already paused testing and treatment for the uninsured.

Driving the news: With a two-week recess looming, Republican senators are demanding a vote on an amendment to the funding package that would block the administration’s plans to halt a pandemic-inspired public health policy called Title 42, used to rapidly expel migrants at the southern border.

  • Some centrist Democratic senators support adding the Title 42 language to head off another border crisis — but that would make the underlying bill unacceptable to House progressives.

What’s next: The Senate could revisit the COVID funding package later this spring. But it is likely to remain stuck until Democrats resolve their internal differences over immigration and border policies.

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