Mar 15, 2022 - Economy

L.A. hotel room comes with full-size private pool

Two chairs alongside an indoor pool

The Downtown L.A. Proper Hotel offers a suite with a private indoor pool. Photo: Downtown L.A. Proper Hotel

Now you can go for a swim and don’t even have to leave your hotel room.

What’s happening: The Downtown L.A. Proper Hotel has a private, full-size pool … inside the 2,777-square-foot Proper Pool Suite, the Los Angeles Times reports.

  • “And it’s much bigger than the one on the roof shared by all guests,” the Times says.

Of note: The 96-year-old building, which is located about six blocks away from the former Staples Arena, was renovated and opened as a hotel in 2021.

Reality check: Pricing is not listed on the hotel's website. But a less-than-half-as-big corner suite is $2,149 per night for a three-night stay on Memorial Day weekend, so you get the picture.

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