Feb 15, 2022 - Technology

Netflix adds BioShock to its gaming fixation

Video game screenshot showing person with machine gun shooting at giant in diving suit

BioShock. Screenshot: Take-Two Interactive

Netflix confirmed rumors Tuesday that it is partnering with publisher Take-Two Interactive to create a live-action adaptation of BioShock.

Driving the news: This adds to a long list of video game adaptations Netflix has in the pipeline, as it plumbs a category largely ignored by streaming rivals Disney Plus and HBO Max.

Between the lines: The critically acclaimed 2007 game BioShock sent players into a failed Ayn Randian underwater utopia called Rapture, that had since been overrun by a warped group of survivors.

  • Netflix says it is adapting the “franchise.”

The big picture: Netflix’s zeal for gaming kicked into overdrive in recent years, with a slew of gaming series and the launch of its own line of video games.

  • Netflix has already hosted adaptations featuring top game series Castlevania, League of Legends and the Witcher.
  • It also regularly announces deals for new, as-yet-unaired series, including the likes of Assassin’s Creed, Resident Evil, Splinter Cell and more.

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