Feb 15, 2022 - Technology

Notorious Cyberpunk 2077 game gets a second chance

Screenshot of a chart showing the features being added to Cyberpunk via its new patch.

Screenshot: CD Projekt

CD Projekt Red finally launched next-gen versions of December 2020’s Cyberpunk 2077 Tuesday, alongside a raft of changes designed to make the last-gen versions play better too.

Why it matters: CDPR is trying to salvage a game and its studio’s rep after 2077’s disastrous launch.

  • The well-chronicled catastrophe led to apologies, refunds, a temporary PlayStation store delisting and a stock price swan dive for the Polish game maker.

Between the lines: Tuesday's new version adds revamped crowd and enemy behavior in all versions of the game, as well as a revamped set of unlockable abilities.

  • The new PS5 and Xbox Series S and X versions have all of that and enhanced graphics. They're available as a free upgrade for people who bought the game on PS4 or Xbox One.
  • The next-gen versions will also be offered as a free five-hour trial for the next 30 days, which might be enough time to blaze through the whole game if you’re a top speedrunner.

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