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Watch: A conversation on cybersecurity in 2022

On Wednesday, February 2nd, Axios managing editor for politics Margaret Talev and tech and policy reporter Ashley Gold explored the evolving nature of increased cybersecurity threats and how governments and businesses are responding, featuring Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.) and Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) senior adviser Suzanne Spaulding.

Rep. Jim Langevin highlighted priorities for creating intel sharing standards for companies, the presence of bipartisan support for cybersecurity legislation, and current vulnerabilities for the U.S. regarding Russian cyberattacks.

  • On codifying systemically important critical infrastructure: “The issue of what we call systemically important critical infrastructure is focused on those companies that are so large and so important to the national or economic security of the United States that if they went down, it wouldn’t be just the company having a bad day, but the entire country having a bad day.”
  • On the current international cyber environment: “It is a serious issue, but we have to be ready and that’s why working with partners and allies is always so important, especially as we’re dealing with high tensions in Ukraine right now. We should be able to be ready to respond to bad actors, whether it’s Russia or anyone else, when they violate cyber norms and create an unstable cyber environment.”

Suzanne Spaulding discussed her take on the Biden administration’s cybersecurity priorities, the cybersecurity concerns that exist around the upcoming Olympics in China, and the evolving nature of threats over the course of her career.

  • On cybersecurity hygiene for Olympic athletes in China: “I do think it’s incumbent upon the Olympic organizations, on the staffs around these athletes to help them by making sure that they do have burner phones, disposable devices that will not be used again when they come back and that they are mindful about their communications. I think that’s enough.”
  • On the rise in cyberattacks that impact operations: “I think where we’re evolving now is an increasing appreciation for how cyber can undermine the integrity of our data and our communications, and that includes attacks on our industrial control systems, attacks that affect operations.”

The View from the Top segment with Lacework Co-Chief Executive Officer David Hatfield emphasized the cybersecurity challenges associated with a rapid transition to the cloud.

  • “In 2021, it was a $20 billion issue for companies and as people move more and more of their infrastructure over to the cloud, researchers are suggesting that it’s going to be a $265 billion problem by 2031. So, it’s really getting our arms around this, recognizing this is a board level issue.”

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