Jan 20, 2022 - Economy & Business

M&M's say goodbye to high heels

Photo of the animated M&M's in brown, red, yellow and green. The red, yellow and green M&M's are wearing white sneakers while the brown one wears white heels.

Photo courtesy of M&M's

Even M&M's deserve to be comfortable.

What’s happening: Candymaker Mars Wrigley is giving its fictitious M&M's characters a makeover. Most notably, the green M&M is ditching high heels for sneakers in the redesign.

  • It’s a bid to make the characters "current" and more "representative of our consumer," Mars Wrigley North America president Anton Vincent told CNN.

The big picture: High-heeled shoes are becoming less relatable. Sales were declining before the pandemic and then continued their descent when the crisis began.

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