Jan 11, 2022 - World

Thousands without power in Buenos Aires amid heat wave

People sit in a cafe in Buenos Aires at over 40 degrees where the electricity has failed.

People sit in a cafe in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Jan. 11 during a heat wave. Photo: Florencia Martin/picture alliance via Getty Images

Thousands of homes are without power in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires due to a large-scale power outage, Reuters reports.

Why it matters: The power outage comes as a heat wave scorches the city, bringing temperatures above 104°F, some of the highest in the world.

Driving the news: Electricity providers Edenor and Edesur reported power outages as demand for energy to cool homes and businesses surged amid the heat wave, per Reuters.

  • Approximately 700,000 people in the Buenos Aires area were affected by Edenor's power outage, while approximately 43,400 Edesur customers were plunged into darkness, Reuters reports.
  • The heat wave is expected to continue throughout the week with temperatures reaching 104°F, according to the National Meteorological Service.

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