Nov 13, 2021 - World

Pope Francis thanks journalists for exposing Church sexual abuse scandals

Pope Francis attends a meeting Nov. 12.

Photo: Riccardo Fabi/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Pope Francis thanked journalists on Saturday for exposing sexual abuse scandals that the Roman Catholic Church tried to cover up, Reuters reports.

What he's saying: "[I] thank you for what you tell us about what is wrong in the Church, for helping us not to sweep it under the carpet, and for the voice you have given to the abuse victims," Francis said at a ceremony honoring two reporters who cover the Vatican, per Reuters.

  • Francis said journalists had a mission "to explain the world, to make it less obscure."
  • He added that reporters needed to "escape the tyranny" of always being online. "Not everything can be told through email, the phone, or a screen," Francis said.

Context: Initial reports of sexual abuse within the Church appeared in 2002, when the Boston Globe wrote a series of articles exposing a pattern of clergy abuse.

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