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Watch: A conversation on workforce development

On Tuesday, October 5, Axios media reporter Sara Fischer, publisher Nick Johnston and executive editor Aja Whitaker-Moore discussed the value of workforce development in a rapidly changing job landscape, featuring Sen. Mark Warner, Rep. Alma Adams and Spelman College president Mary Schmidt Campbell

Sen. Mark Warner underscored the importance of investing in human capital and explained his recent efforts to include a worker training tax credit in the reconciliation package.   

  • On incentivizing companies to invest in their employees: “If I could wave my magic wand, I would create a new tax credit for businesses that invest in workers, and I would give them the bigger tax credit for low-income and lower skilled workers.”
  • On the increasing amount of jobs that require high-level skills: “We think about giving workers more freedom to choose a future career, but I do think we need to match that with a little better assessment of what kind of careers are out there, recognizing that not all careers are going to require four-year college degrees, but they are going to require additions beyond high school.”  

Mary Schmidt Campbell explained how Spelman College prepares students and adult learners to adapt to the contemporary workforce, additional steps the government could take to invest in skill development for workers, and how to incentivize employees to improve their own skills.  

  • On preparing students to navigate an uncertain job market: “It’s really imperative for those of us who are in the field of education to think about how we educate for the future. Whatever job exists now could potentially disappear in the next five years.”  
  • On how companies can inspire their workers to develop new skills: “I think it is a powerful incentive when a company says to its employees, as a matter of your employee benefits, just as you’re entitled to health care or dental care or vision care, we are also going to provide for you to be upskilled.” 

Rep. Alma Adams outlined how HBCUs are developing a talent pipeline for the future, current campus conversations illuminating students’ career concerns, and how to ensure students from community colleges also benefit from workforce development initiatives.  

  • On input from the HBCU community detailing their priorities for growth:  “I’m hearing that we need to upgrade our campuses, we need to make sure that we have the technology that’s appropriate to train this workforce. We want to make sure that we can attract not only good students, but good faculty and staff, and have the kind of research that is commensurate with what we need to do to make sure that we have not only a good workforce, but one that is sustainable.”
  • On why it is critical to upskill workers to meet marketplace demands: “We’ve got a lot of jobs out here. We don’t have many people who are prepared and trained to do them.”

Axios SVP of Events and Creative Strategy Kristin Burkhalter hosted a View from the Top segment with Pathstream CEO Eleanor Cooper, who emphasized the growing demand for workers with multifaceted digital skills. 

  • “Obviously there’s been a large growth in online education since the COVID pandemic, and we see that different learners from different backgrounds with different jobs to be done need different solutions. What we’re talking about here is solving the problems for individuals who face more barriers and more hurdles in the labor market, and those individuals need more than online videos alone.”

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