Sep 23, 2021 - Economy

Survey: Most Latino professionals feel overlooked for promotions

Data: YouGov on behalf of LinkedIn; Chart: Axios Visuals
Data: YouGov on behalf of LinkedIn; Chart: Axios Visuals

Half of U.S. Latinos feel their workplace does not have a nurturing environment for diverse professionals, even as a majority think their office leaders do consider inclusion to be important, per a poll carried out by YouGov and LinkedIn.

By the numbers: The survey found that 37% of Latino professionals said they are considering leaving their jobs because of lack of recognition, of opportunities and of leaders with shared experiences who can offer mentorship.

  • That number is greater than the 1 in 4 American workers who are planning to look for other work post-pandemic, in what’s been dubbed the Great Resignation.

Bottom line: The survey shows dissatisfaction at work and feeling constrained in their careers even after a number of big and small corporations made promises to diversify and work towards equity in the wake of racial justice protests.

  • 51% of those surveyed pointed out that their company talked a lot about making office culture changes, but those did not come to pass.

Of note: 60% of polled Latinos feel they have been overlooked for career advancements because of elements from their ethnic and racial background.

  • That number increases to nearly 70% amongst darker-skinned Latinos and Afro-Latinos, a majority of whom feel lighter-skinned Latinos and white Hispanics can advance further.

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