Sep 17, 2021 - Science

Inspiration4's all-civilian crew calls Tom Cruise from space

Photo of Tom Cruise in a navy blue suit and aviator sunglasses walking outside

Photo: Neil Mockford/GC Images via Getty Images

The all-civilian SpaceX crew called actor Tom Cruise on Friday, giving him a glimpse into their experience in orbit two days after the successful Inspiration4 launch.

Don't forget: NASA announced last year that it would work with Cruise on a film aboard the International Space Station — though it's unclear where that currently stands.

  • Russia is racing to beat the U.S. with plans to send an actress and film director next month, per the New York Times.

Driving the news: Inspiration4 tweeted news of the call with a quote from Cruise's 1986 aviation film "Top Gun."

  • "Maverick, you can be our wingman anytime," the tweet read.

The big picture: The civilian crew is expected to live in space until Saturday, and have largely spent their time performing experiments and flying sentimental items to orbit.

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