Updated Sep 11, 2021 - World

Taliban raises flag at Afghan presidential palace on 9/11

Photo of a man in front of the Taliban flag.

Photo by Karim Sahib/AFP via Getty Images

The Taliban on Saturday raised their flag over the Afghan presidential palace, the Associated Press reports.

The big picture: The milestone coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States and comes less than one month after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

Driving the news: Acting Prime Minister Mohammad Hasan Akhund raised the flag in a ceremony to mark the official start of the Taliban's caretaker government, per AP.

  • The Taliban also painted their banner on the entrance to the U.S. Embassy building.
The former U.S. Embassy in Kabul
A member of the Taliban Fateh, a "special forces" unit, stands guard outside the site of the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan, which now displays a Taliban flag in the outer concrete wall in Kabul on Sept. 8. Photo: Aamir QURESHI/AFP via Getty Images

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