Sep 9, 2021 - Technology

Sony shows the PS5’s future

A warrior man and his son

"God of War: Ragnarok." Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony’s 40-minute showcase of upcoming PlayStation games was highlighted by reveals of big Marvel superhero surprises and the first gameplay of a "God of War" sequel.

Why it matters: Sony hasn’t run a major gaming showcase in over a year — due to COVID-19 and a de-emphasis on the E3 trade show — but filled Thursday afternoon's event with major announcements.

  • In the PS4 era, Sony generated some of gaming's biggest blockbusters and has positioned its new console as a host of another line of major, exclusive (or semi-exclusive) projects.
  • Many of the games shown will also run on PS4, but Sony showed them running on PS5.

The highlights:

  • A remake of the classic 2003 Star Wars role-playing game “Knights of the Old Republic,” which was a signature game back on the original launch Xbox. (It’s a PS5 console-exclusive at launch, but no release date was given, meaning it’s probably far from done.)
  • Forspoken,” a major new PS5 and PC action game from the developers of “Final Fantasy XV,” got a spring 2022 release date. (It was one of several games to showcase a Black female character in a prominent role, which has been rare in gaming.)
  • A remastered version of “Uncharted 4” and its “Lost Legacy” spin-off is set for PS5 and PC in 2022.
  • Sony confirmed the next “God of War” will be subtitled “Ragnarok," but did not provide a release date. (Note: It's previously been announced for PS4 and PS5)
  • “Gran Turismo 7,” the latest in PlayStation's iconic racing series, will be out in March of next year, for PS4 and PS5.
  • Insomniac Games, creators of two acclaimed “Spider-Man” games already, is making a third for 2023. It’ll feature the Peter Parker and Miles Morales versions of the hero.
  • And Insomniac is also making a game about the X-Men hero Wolverine.

Plus one notable delay: Rockstar’s remake ofGrand Theft Auto V” and “GTA Online” has slipped from this November to March.

  • The game would have been one of the biggest next-gen Xbox and PlayStation releases for the holiday season but has been postponed in a year plagued with understandable production delays.

The big picture: Exciting as Sony’s event was, it was mostly about games for 2022 and beyond.

  • The PS5 launched last November and immediately got a slew of impressive new games.
  • But the releases have slowed since June, and Sony is releasing no major PlayStation exclusives during the busy holiday season.
  • Plus, a pattern continues to emerge in the gaming industry, like Hollywood before it: Lots of Marvel and Star Wars. Big-budget gaming is Disney’s playground these days.
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