Sep 8, 2021 - Technology

Dontnod shifts to permanent work-from-home policy

Screencap of a scene from a video game showing a person's back as they face a wall of photos

"Life Is Strange." Image: Dontnod Entertainment

Dontnod, the developer behind "Life Is Strange" and "Tell Me Why," will allow employees in its Paris and Montreal studios to decide if they'd like to work from the office or their homes.

Why it matters: Embracing remote work reduces industry gatekeeping and grants workers more control over their careers.

  • The shift to remote work for most companies was due to the pandemic, which closed offices worldwide. However, companies are beginning to adapt how they approach offices moving forward.
  • Dontnod said that the pandemic simply accelerated these plans, however, noting that "the well-being of our employees is and has always been paramount, and [remote work] empowers all team members to work in the best possible conditions for them, according to their lifestyles and ways of working."
  • "We know that everyone has different needs and different ways of functioning, and that is why we wanted to create a program that would give everyone the freedom to choose how they want to organize their day-to-day lives," said CEO Oskar Guilbert in a prepared statement.

The big picture: The way developers are working is changing.

  • "Colleagues are now able to live and work from anywhere in France with the Paris office, or anywhere in Quebec with the Montreal office, with the same conditions and benefits as any employee," said Dontnod.
  • Companies like Ubisoft have also revised their policies; the developer announced its shift to a "hybrid" model of office and remote work in June.
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