Aug 31, 2021 - Science

Louisiana governor warns evacuated residents: "Do not return here"

People evacuate their flooded home

People wade into the water to evacuate their flooded home in LaPlace, La., on Aug. 30. Photo: Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) warned Tuesday that evacuated residents should not return to their homes until officials say it's safe due to the damage Hurricane Ida caused.

Driving the news: More than 1 million customers in Louisiana and nearly 50,000 in Mississippi were still without power on Tuesday, according to

What he's saying: "Many of the life-supporting infrastructure elements are not present, they’re not operating right now,” Edwards said at a press conference in LaPlace, Louisiana.

  • "So if you have already evacuated, do not return here or elsewhere in southeast Louisiana until the office of emergency preparedness tells you it’s ready to receive you."
  • "The schools are not open, the businesses are not open, the hospitals are slammed, there's no water in your home, and there's not going to be electricity," he said.
"Please don't come home until they tell you that it's time."

The big picture: Ida has caused two confirmed deaths so far, though Edwards added that he expects fatality numbers to rise.

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